How to Overcome Delayed Downloads on the Play Store

How to Overcome Delayed Downloads on the Play Store
Google Play Store is an application that has a very large role for Android users.

Although in fact there are still many choices of third parties that offer a place to download the application on Android, still in Google Play Store is the best and of course, security can be trusted.

How to Overcome Delayed Downloads on the Play Store
How to Overcome Delayed Downloads on the Play Store

How to Overcome Delayed Downloads on the Play Store
In addition to providing free applications, Google Play Store also provides applications that can be downloaded by having to buy it first using a system such as the Cut credit system, Google Play Store Vouchers, or by using credit card payments, all depends on what the user has.

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So it can be concluded that the existence of the Google Play Store is very beneficial for us holders of this Android operating system.

But unfortunately, some cases still occur frequently in this Play Store.

One case that often happens is that the process of downloading applications on the Google Play Store is often delayed.

If you are also experiencing Afghan25 means that you need to read this article to the end.

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How to Overcome Delayed Downloads on the Play Store
The problem of delayed downloads can usually be influenced by several things, such as problems with internet connectivity, or other case errors. Maybe more complete just the following 3 Advanced Ways to Overcome Pending Downloads in the Play Store.

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Check Internet Connectivity
The first way for you to fix this case is to check your internet connectivity. Some applications or games, especially those that have big data, usually will recommend using Wi-Fi connectivity. If you select this option, then the application will not be downloaded with a cellular connection even though your internet connection is very fast.


For those of you who tick the download option using only Wi-Fi, you only need to activate Wi-Fi and connect it to Wi-Fi that you feel is the internet. Or if you want you can also cancel the download and try again with the option to keep using cellular data.

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Oh yes, there is a suggestion from the admin if you do not want to appear on cellular data. You can also try tips by activating airplane mode on your smartphone, and deactivate again. If it still doesn’t show up, you need to try changing places to find an existing signal, because it’s possible that the signal is difficult.

Clean Cache
Base on the second step if the first step is still not overcome. Cache or junk data is very helpful for many applications to run the process because the data has been stored so that the use of time can be more efficient. But some problems still often occur with this cache.

Such as problems with the existence of this cache such as when you will download the application, but the data is still stored old data, and the application needs to update the data. Now things like this can make downloads on the Google Play Store, your friends are often delayed.

To overcome this with a powerful, you only need to clean the cache data that is owned by the Google Play Store application. The method is quite easy, you can do it as follows:

Open Settings
Scroll down and find the Apps menu
Find the Google Play Store app, buddy and tap the application
Select Storage, and then select Clear cache
After being deleted, you can try to download the application that will be installed again. If the problem of delayed downloading/downloading is still related, you need to resolve it with the final step.

Reload Smartphone
If both of the above methods still haven’t resolved your case. So the final step is to reload your smartphone. It’s not reset, buddy, just restart your smartphone.

Restarting your smartphone will later put your smartphone into top shape. Some temporary settings will also be returned to their original state.

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Therefore, this method can be an effective and effective solution to overcome problems when downloading applications on the Google Play Store.

Thus this article about 3 Advanced Ways to Overcome Pending Downloads in the Play Store. Please try, if necessary, share this article with other friends, friends.

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