Introduction and Overview SEO Course 2020

Introduction and Overview SEO Course 2020

This SEO guide will help you discover the basics of doing search engine optimization from the very beginning understanding keywords and choosing the right domain and the hosting we will continue with the structural elements of an effective website.

Introduction and Overview SEO Course 2020
Introduction and Overview SEO Course 2020

We will go through the writing of SEO friendly content and we will study various web page optimization techniques or on-page factors further on we’ll talk about the real stuff like link building and results from metrics by means of key performance indicators after that.

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We will devote ourselves to an effective website analysis from an SEO perspective and we will study the different SEO approaches for e-commerce for blogs for local businesses and for YouTube videos finally we will address the full topic of SEO penalties with their respective solutions in detail particularly focusing on negative SEO Google sandbox and blackhat tactics.

Let’s start with two of the actual experiences that I’ve had in the field of SEO this is a project developed in 2018 it is a book price comparison with 250,000 indexed pages and prices updated in real-time thanks to a few partnerships with some major Italian publishers I’ve always considered that this website is a failure until now the figures are really ridiculous in terms of revenue.

But it will probably improve in the coming months this example depicts a negative experience but the field of SEO also brings great satisfaction, in fact, you can see below a report of a website which I consider a huge success it is a report on a shopping niche with a thousand index pages the sales volume provided by this website.

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Introduction and Overview SEO Course 2020

Went from ten thousand and twenty-seven dollars and twenty-four cents in June of 2018 to thirty-two thousand nine hundred and eight dollars and ninety cents in January of 2019 literally tripling sales after just one semester the tricks and the optimization suggested in order to obtain a successful website will be explained within the next few chapters of this book, unfortunately.

We can never know all the infinite variables of a project and that is why failure is sometimes a part of our work and in my opinion, it should not be hidden because it is precisely the failures that make us human and not artificial intelligence Who am I don’t worry I will not tell you the whole story of my life.

But only some salient aspects that will help us get a little familiar with each other as we prepare for this journey we will take together side by side I am Ahmad Salim and I have been doing SEO every single day.

SEO training for the last ten years I specifically created and ranked around 100 site providing sales to Amazon Google eBay and other big companies I recently launched my new startup company in order to offer guides and tools for search engine optimization it’s called get SEO fix command it is an all-in-one platform characterized by SEO tools.

And training guides which help improve the ranking of websites on Google I don’t like stereotyping but if I had to label myself I would call myself a digital entrepreneur affiliate marketer and SEO specialist even if the professional path that I followed up.

SEO training now has been very particular in 1995 I bought my first personal computer with Windows 95 and being able to change the desktop background without reading a tutorial on a blog or watching a video tutorial on YouTube.

It was a significant challenge at the time because there were not many who had the privilege of having an innovative 56-kilobyte connection back then after having created my first websites as a hobby and after Google search engine was created in the early 2000s.

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I started an SEO collaboration with a Dutch casino after that I worked on the ranking of an e-commerce website for a company in Milan in 2007 being a student at the University of Milan I continued the SEO activity with various projects trying to experiment with new techniques until the creation of a real Network in 2012 related to the pregnancy topic it was the time.

When the sinking of Costa Concordia was all over the news soon after a similar disaster happened for some of my projects and I’ll tell you exactly what happened at the time not having advanced marketing skills yet.

I dedicated myself exclusively to traffic the results achieved after 9 months having around 8,000 unique visitors daily from search engines and practically monopolizing the main ser PS search engine result pages of that particular sector pregnancy were maintained for several months at first glance this may seem like a success but it wasn’t really like that sometimes my colleagues call me stubborn.

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But I prefer the word determined if I see some potential I throw myself in that’s exactly what I did on this occasion too today I often tell my clients a phrase like you can’t eat traffic because I had to learn the hard way that before jumping into an SEO project one must study the keywords in order to verify the profitability in advance maybe with a Google Ads campaign the alternative is to work on the ranking for over nine months to achieve traffic goals as in my case.

Study of the pregnancy network but without obtaining the right conversions and revenue for your business which is after all the primary objective in the following years besides developing other websites with SEO in mind I launched some SaaS software as a service on the US market in order to improve my web marketing skills recently.

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I also helped students and companies to grow their business by acquiring customers through a search engine you Introduction and Overview SEO Course 2020.

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