This is the danger of Smartphone Charge Using Fake Chargers!

This is the danger of Smartphone Charge Using Fake Chargers!

As usual, the SEO tech Afg team will discuss every Wednesday the problems surrounding the gadget owned by the SEO tech Afg, both in terms of hardware and software.

With this article, it is hoped that SEO tech Afg can find out the cause of the problem, its consequences, and solutions to overcome it.

This is the danger of Smartphone Charge Using Fake Chargers
This is the danger of Smartphone Charge Using Fake Chargers

For this occasion, the editor of SEO tech Afg has gotten questions about the danger when charging or charging smartphone batteries using fake chargers.

For that, for SEO tech Afg who is curious about the problems caused by using a fake charger that was not created for the smartphone’s default, then you can see the explanation as follows:

This is the danger of Smartphone Charge Using Fake Chargers!

Mas, what is the danger of using a fake charger charge smartphone?

The battery is one of the most important components present in a smartphone because it can be used as life energy in order to run the operating system, applications, and various important components in a smartphone.

But of course, smartphone batteries also have their own durability depending on the capacity and ability of the hardware to consume energy from the battery. After reaching its critical point (usually a 15% condition) the smartphone will give a warning that the battery will be charged or recharged immediately.

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Usually, to charge or charge a smartphone, many people will use the default charger that comes in the smartphone sales package that they bought. Besides being safe, of course, the default charger has also been tested well by the vendor of the smartphone maker so that its quality is guaranteed.

Unfortunately, some people also use fake chargers to charge smartphone batteries. Although initially, it works well, over time its ability will decline which can actually damage the smartphone. For that, I will explain the various possible dangers posed when the smartphone is charged with a fake charger.

Battery Life Short

If a gadget uses a fake smartphone or cellphone charge, it sometimes has a different amperage or voltage output. For example, our smartphone or cellphone has a lower amperage or voltage compared to a fake output charge, it will make the battery more quickly damaged, and the battery swell, even though the charge or charge speed increases.

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But the fast charge orcas speed is not always better than using the original charger. Besides making the battery swell faster, other side effects make the battery age more than it should be.

For this reason, Gadgeteer should always use the original charger from its smartphone for security.

Battery Hardware Components in HP or Smartphone Quick Wear

If the Gadgeteer always charges or charges with a fake charger, the hardware components in the smartphone for charging will not be able to charge properly so as to make it wear out quickly and eventually – over time will make the HP can not be charged or charged again. Of course, this is very fatal.

The cellphone or smartphone is damaged

The riskiest thing that happens to a cellphone or smartphone that is charged or charged using a fake charger is damage to the smartphone quickly.

This can happen because if the components contained in the fake charger are damaged or have problems when used to charge the battery it can cause a high voltage current and directly damage the cellphone or smartphone.

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For this reason, Gadgeteer should use an official charger when charging your cellphone or smartphone. Although usually a fake charger or KW has a cheap price, the side effects caused are very serious and can damage the smartphone quickly This is the danger of Smartphone Charge Using Fake Chargers!.

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